Born in November 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland, Little Troll Foundation is a foundation dedicated to supporting humanitarian micro-projects. Little Troll’s initial capital is donated by a philanthropic group of friends from the shipping industry and the finance sector wanting to share and offer a helping hand.
Since small streams make large rivers, Little Troll Foundation believes in providing the most vulnerable with grass-roots assistance and giving an impetus for the development of vital humanitarian initiatives in local communities around the world.
Mindful of culture and custom, and eager to build local capacity, Little Troll Foundation primarily supports projects related to developmental activities in the areas of education, water and environmental sanitation, health, nature conservation and income generating projects.
The foundation focuses on initiatives demonstrating a proven commitment to develop local communities and which strive to make people’s life better.
In this spirit, Little Troll Foundation can also provide grants for regional or international courses and training programs for exceptional young applicants from developing countries.